Colwich Middle School 2017-18


Mandatory Parent Meeting - August 17 at 6:00 pm in the South Gym


First Practice - August 23 at 4:00 pm in South Gym


Coaches: Mrs. Annette Heimerman & Ms. Haley Dotson

Emails: annette.heimerman@usd267.com haley.dotson@usd267.com


Athletic Director: Ms. Rachel Meenen

Email: rachel.meenen@usd267.com


Click link below for Season Schedule:


Volleyball Schedule 2017

  • Aug 31 @ Cheney 
  • Sep 7 @ Colwich
  • Sep 11 @ Colwich – B Team
  • Sep 14 @ Andale
  • Sep 18 @ Belle Plaine – B Team
  • Sep 21 @ Colwich
  • Sep 25 @ Andale – B Team
  • Sep 28 @ Colwich
  • Oct 2 @ Cheney – B Team
  • Oct 5 @ Belle Plaine
  • Oct 9 @ Belle Plaine
  • Oct 12 @ Kingman
  • Oct 14 Tournament 



A student’s first priority should be academic achievement.  Students must be earning a 65%  in their regular schoolwork and have all assignments completed and turned in to participate in extra-curricular activities.  Grades will be calculated weekly. Students, parents, and coaches will be notified on Thursday of any students not meeting the academic requirements. Students will be ineligible the following Monday through Friday. Such students will not be allowed to practice or play/compete until their academic standing meets these standards.  Ineligible students will serve at least 15 minutes of  study hall daily until they meet eligibility.  Any student serving an after school detention or in school suspension will not participate in games/contests held on that day.  Extra-curricular activities are a privilege. Students are ambassadors for Colwich Elementary School when they participate in extra-curricular activities and as such their behavior is expected to be exemplary.