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CES now has a makerspace, which is a place with tools and materials where people can come create, explore and share ideas. We would love to show you around and help you get started learning and teaching. We have a nice variety of materials in the space to use. For example, if you know how to scrapbook, make jewelry, do electrical wiring, use a green screen, build with Legos or anything else you enjoy doing and would be willing to donate your time to share skills, ideas, tips and tricks with others, we would love for you to join us. If there’s something you’re wanting to learn, please come and we’ll collaborate. 

     ******** CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR UPDATES. ********     


We go through a LOT of materials in the makerspace and could use your help! If you have any unneeded or recyclable items from the list below, please consider donating them to the space. There is a pink cart in the room where donations can be dropped off to be put away by school staff. Thanks for your help!

Makerspace Wish List

cardboard tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, wrapping paper, etc.) 

plastic cylinders (from Clorox wipes, drink mix containers, etc.)

yarn embroidery thread
balsa wood wire
egg cartons wood dowels
poster board


coffee filters coffee stirrers
cotton balls cupcake liners
dental floss foam boards
gumdrops index cards
lunch bags magnets
marshmallows paper clips
paper plates pipe cleaners
plastic cups plastic silverware
playing cards popsicle sticks
glue sticks q-tips
rubber bands straws of all sizes
toothpicks PVC pipe
craft foam paper tubes (from paper towels, TP, etc.)




Contact Stephanie Guy at 619-8296 or with any questions.